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Help Your Child Develop Their Imagination With our Exciting Manga Art Classes

Our manga lessons are perfect for children and teens who love watching anime! Manga is a cartoon-like Japanese drawing style that is fun to learn and even more fun to master. We offer manga art classes online for children ages 8 – 16 to help them bring their dream characters to life.

What Will Your Child Learn in a Manga Drawing Class?

Manga has many specific characteristics that give it its instantly recognisable style. During our manga drawing classes, your child will learn how to draw using these techniques. We cover portraits, figures, clothing, hair, and everything your child needs to create their dream characters!

Your child will start with the basics – learning to draw faces in manga style and eventually build up to elaborate outfits, fantasy creatures, and more. We’ll also show your kids how to use lines to make their drawings more expressive and bring their stories to life.

Why Learn Manga?

Manga is the best drawing style for your child to master if they love telling stories and playing make-believe. Manga classes can help them hone their storytelling skills and develop a rich imagination filled with fantasy characters.

Children can use their manga drawing skills to create beautiful illustrations and comic strips, which could someday lead to a career in animation, design, fashion, or the media industry.

Drawing manga also gives children a basic understanding of human anatomy. They learn how to draw figures in various poses, which teaches them about body proportions in a fun and interactive way.

Drop-In for a Free Manga Drawing Session

We run all our classes online using Zoom, and your child can enjoy their first class for free! Check our class schedule to find the best day and time for you.

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