You are currently viewing Be warned: this post contains extreme cuteness.

Be warned: this post contains extreme cuteness.

How amazing is this porcupine with baby porcupine.

Congratulations to Star of the Week, Lily with this amazing work.

And we all just adore the way she created a little baby porcupine to go with the mum porcupine. (Or maybe dad?)

And it’s a good thing this baby porcupine has a super tough underbelly balancing on all those spikes.

What Lily has done is what makes a good artist. She’s taken an idea and made it her own, by adding and developing it. By adding the baby porcupine, her sculpture now has a story attached and an emotion. Whenever you look at you’ll connect to your own sense of family. It’s also great that she has done a drawing first to help her with her sculpture.

Brilliant work.

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