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6 Fun and Creative Ways to Display Your Kid?s Artwork

Whether it?s peppering the refrigerator with your kid?s finger paintings, livening up your office with cardboard masks, or hanging sock puppets around the house, looking for fun and creative ways to display your kid?s artwork is less a task and more a reinvigorating parental adventure that cultivates a parent?s own sense of fun and ingenuity.  

We?ve come up with six fun, easy ways you can show off your children?s artistic talents (and give the fridge a break)!

1. Curtain Rods

This is just too cute. The more artwork hung on ring clips, the merrier. You can adopt a ?works on spotlight? approach for the day or week or month, with the other ones serving as a colourful backdrop.

It?s best to buy curtain rods of varying lengths to give your art display a sense of whimsy.

2. Clotheslines

Gather a hammer, two nails, a string and wooden clips together and fashion a clothesline to display your kids’ artwork. This goes best against a white or light-painted wall to underscore the vibrancy of those watercolour or Crayola colours.

Don?t overwhelm your child with a super long clothesline. Just have room for three or more pieces. Before you know it, if your kid sees it, they?ll be clipping works to the line themselves. The good thing is you can always add length, no problem.

3. Picture-Perfect Picture Frames

Family photos on the wall will never go out of style, but you can add some “modern art” in between the portraits or landscapes.

Look for old or unused picture frames in the basement or attic, or if you can, buy new ones of different sizes. If you?re crafty, you can even make some from household items or repurpose materials you already have. Hang your kids? framed artwork by the stairs, in the hallway, over the fireplace, anywhere they?ll be visible. Not only will your kids be glad to see their work, they might also be motivated and encouraged to keep pursuing their passion for the arts.

4. Ledge Love

Screw some wooden boards together to make a few ledges of different lengths, then mount them on any available wall. Get creative — you can display your kids? artwork in their rooms, your room, the kitchen, the living room, entryway, even on the porch.

Besides, the ledges aren?t only great for displaying smaller canvas artwork, they can also store other three-dimensional pieces, like that Play-Doh sculpture your son made in art class, or perhaps a candle holder your pre-teen put together.

5. Wallpaper as Canvas

Dedicate an entire section of wallpaper in your kid?s room or in a designated corner in the house for their art adventures. With the wallpaper as their canvas, not only do you give kids a free hand to express themselves through paintings, words or even hand marks, it also serves to display their artwork, freestyle.

Remember that you have to be patient with the mess. Ignite their creativity with suggestions and examples, maybe even join them for one art session.

6. Artwork Book

Is there a sweeter, more permanent way to display your kid?s artwork? Nothing else comes close, at least in our book. Precisely the point.

By creating a collection of your little one?s masterpieces through the years, you safeguard and preserve all their works for years to come — making an artwork book also gives you the perfect coffee table book for family, friends and guests alike. Also, imagine flipping through this book twenty years from now!

No matter how you display your kid?s artwork, the mere gesture of showcasing their creations shows your love, appreciation and support for them and their interests – positives that will resonate even when they?re no longer little ones. Encourage them. Join them.

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